Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic can help various acute and chronic health conditions beyond neck and back pain. Many patients in our office are seen for various structural and functional conditions. We offer each patient a comprehensive and integrative approach for their specific needs.

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Ryan Hicks, man smiling in white shirt with tie

About Dr Ryan Hicks

Ryan Hicks, D.C., is a native midwesterner from Rockford, IL. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa. He then went on to earn his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Palmer College is the original and most recognized chiropractic college in the world.

Dr. Ryan practices a wide variety of full spine and extremity adjusting techniques and treats all age groups including pregnant patients. Over the years, Dr Ryan has formed close relationships with local medical providers who work together to better treat his patient’s health care needs.

What To Expect

Chiropractic Consultation

On the first visit, our patients are warmly welcomed. You’ll be asked to fill out some paperwork so the doctor can learn more about your health. You can save time and speed up your office visit by filling out our confidential Patient Intake Form online!

Initial Exam for Chiropractic

Next, the doctor performs a more thorough exam in order to determine what functional limitations you may have. The doctor will then go over the results of the exam and discuss different treatment options, and answer any insurance and financial questions.

Same-Day Treatment for Chiropractic Visit

If possible patients will generally be treated the same day. This may include spinal adjustments, physical therapies, and/or soft tissue therapies by a licensed massage therapist, spinal decompression therapy, or acupuncture. Some conditions require additional diagnostic testing to be performed prior to treatment. In these cases, patients are referred for MRIs, X-rays, EMGs or to other healthcare specialists which are more suitable to treat their condition.

Follow-Up Care

Prior to leaving, you will be given instructions on certain activities or procedures to be done at home. This may include ice application instructions, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.
Each patient has unique healthcare needs therefore patients generally require varying degrees of treatments. After the follow-up appointment a more specific treatment plan will be given based upon the patients response to treatment. Treatment plans are specific to each patients needs NOT based upon pre-determined protocols. We understand our patients concerns as it comes to chiropractic treatment and we do our best to attain realistic treatment plans based upon patients improvements and goals. Therefore, treatments plans should be effective and make sense!

How Much Time

Please plan for 45 minutes to 1-hour in our office for your first chiropractic visit. You can save time and speed up your office visit by filling out our Patient Intake Form online.